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Get High Quality Blueprints at Great Prices

Are you an architect, home builder, contractor, landscaper, or interior designer looking for high-quality blueprints printed fast on the best quality stock paper? The state-of-the-art large format printing at the Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park NY is the best in the industry. Impress your clients with professional, polished large format blueprints. 

We print files of all sizes and offer large variety of custom blueprint and plan printing options. Stop by and get your plans printed with the attention to detail and personalized service that Shipping Place & More is known for. We are your local blueprint printing shop.

Save yourself a trip and use our Print on Demand File Upload service. Simply send us the file for your blueprints and we'''ll let you know when they'''re ready to be picked up. No more wasted trips! Feel confident when you present your clients or contractors with high-quality blueprints. Come check us out today!

Our Blueprint Printing Options Include:

  • Courthroom Exhibits
  • Aerial Maps
  • Architectural Renderings
  • All Standard Size Blueprints
  • Construction Plans
  • Landscape Architecture Drawings

Scanning Blueprints

We can scan your documents and store them as a PDF, TIFF, or JPG file.  Just let us know the file format you want and we will get the job completed.  There are documents you may not want to leave your facility (legal issues, only original left, of historical importance, etc).  One of our scanners is completely mobile.  We will bring our scanner to your facility and scan the documents to the desired format.  We can stored on your computer system, laptop, or thumb drive.


printed blueprint sample

Size of Print or Scan

We can print and scan many different sizes of blue prints.  Below are the standard sizes.

Architectural Sizes

  • Arch A (9 x 12)
  • Arch B (12 x 18)
  • Arch C (18 x 24)
  • Arch D (24 x 36)
  • Arch E (36 x 48)
  • Arch E1 (30 x 42)

Engineering Sizes

  • Ansi B (11 x 17)
  • Ansi C (17 x 22)
  • Ansi D (22 x 34)
  • Ansi E (34 x 44)

Blueprint Printing FAQs

How fast can I get blueprints printed?

We print blueprints on the spot for walk-in customers. It may take a few minutes for us to get started based on the customers in the store. People will often leave a thumb drive with the prints or use our File Upload system to send them to us. These blueprints are usually done printing within an hour or two.

Can you ship blueprints after you print them?

We are a full service business center. We can receive your blueprints, print them, pack them, and ship them almost anywhere in the world. Most blueprints are printed, packed, shipped, and delivered within one business day. Depending on the distance, additional shipping time may be required.

Can you scan my blueprints?

Depending on the size of your blueprints we have different scanners to get the job done. If the prints are 11 x 17, or smaller, we can scan them on our normal copier. If they are larger, we will use our large-format scanner to scan blueprints up to 36 x 48. Customers will often have us scan and immediately print one or more copies of their blueprints.

What are the common sizes for blueprints?

We have seen blueprints as small as 8 ½” x 11”, the size of a normal piece of paper, and up to 36” x 48”. Standard Architecture blueprints are:

  • Type A - 9 x 12
  • Type B - 12 x 18
  • Type C - 18 x 24
  • Type D - 24 x 36
  • Type E - 36 x 48
  • Type E1 - 30 x 42
We also print Engineering (ANSI) blueprints. The standard sizes are:
  • Type B - 11 x 17
  • Type C - 17 x 22
  • Type D - 22 x 34
  • Type E - 24 x 44


What is the price range for blueprint printing?

Prices for printing blueprints range from $2.25 to $9.99. This is printing on bond paper (think of the paper used in your printer). This price range is subject to change without notification.

What type of paper are blueprints printed on?

Most of the time, 95% or more, blueprints are printed on 20 pound bond paper. We can print blueprints on any type of material we have in stock. This can be photo paper (luster or glossy), vinyl banner, matte paper, adhesive vinyl, adhesive fabric, or gift wrapping paper. The cost will be determined based on the different materials. All of these options will be more expensive than the $2.25 to $9.99 listed in the price range listed above.

Can I order blueprint printing online?

Many of our clients email or use our file upload to send their blueprints to us. We will print them on bond paper and in the size as indicated by the file, unless otherwise notified.

Can you hold my original file for future printings?

We handle so many client blueprints it is presently not a viable option for us to store your file(s). If you need another set of your blueprints, email or upload the file to us again and we will be happy to print them.

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