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What do you need?

  • Tired of the never-ending lines at the Post Office, especially when all you want to do is buy first-class stamps or send a letter or package by priority mail?
  • Would you like personal services from someone who can tell you the best way for mailing envelopes,media mail, or boxes to suit your time frame, price, and insurance requirements?
  • Do you need help addressing first-class mail going to family, friends, or customers abroad?
  • Does your package need more than a basic flat rate, click-n-ship treatment to ensure certain items are safely packed to avoid loss or damage?

Shipping Place & More:  We can help!

When you ship your items through the United States Postal Service, you are shipping through a carrier that delivers Monday through Saturday (sometimes on Sundays as well), to every address in the country. We take your mail service and shipping service to the next level with everything from postal insurance and priority mail flat rate envelopes and boxes to USPS tracking and signature confirmation.

Like the United States Postal Service post offices, we are experts in mail delivery, whether you're sending basic envelopes, small packages or boxes up to 70 lbs.  Visit  Shipping Place & More for friendly, personalized customer service. The Post Office picks up at our store daily for your mailing convenience.

Using Priority Mail

For so many domestic mail needs, using flat rate Priority Mail is the right answer. It is a strong service  that has satisfied postal customers for years. Priority Mail is a step above USPS retail ground service for first class mail, with good prices, improved speed, and the ease of flat rate shipping labels.  At The Shipping Place, you receive "first class" service without Post Office hassles. For most locations, your flat rate Priority Mail letter or Priority Mail box delivery will arrive within 3 days or less.

Priority Mail Express

USPS Priority Mail

Priority Mail Express envelopes or Priority Mail Express boxes are another way of using Priority Mail convenience when you need faster delivery, such as by the next day. For more affordable prices than many other options, you can reduce the 3 days to a single day with next-day delivery service. Customers can choose the same extra services that private shippers have, including tracking, insurance, return receipt service, signature confirmation, and more. Priority Mail Express is available both domestically and internationally.

International Mail

In addition to domestic mail service needs, our staff can help with first class mail, insured mail, business mail, packages, and all your needs for international mail. Business customers who are looking for a competitive price for sending printed materials and shipments find that the post office weight brackets can be surprisingly reasonable for international mailing and shipments.

International documentation

When you mail letters and ship packages anywhere in the world with the United States Postal Service, we make sure that all the paperwork and accurate weight measurements are in order, too. We can ensure, through tracking numbers and return receipt services, that your packages and envelopes are picked up and delivered. Priority Mail Express International is also available.

USPS Retail Ground

USPS Ground

USPS retail ground shipping is a reasonable option when you don't need items out for delivery by a specific date. This is useful for larger packages that don't fit into Priority Mail flat rate boxes.

Service without Post Office location lines

You can buy postage stamps, envelopes, boxes, and more, all right here. We specialize in personalized service and matching mailing services to your delivery due dates, insurance needs, price points, business requirements, delivery signature confirmation protocols, pickup service, and more.

Postage Stamps

Like the post office, we carry all sorts of postage stamps and sell them individually or by the book or roll.  If you need a large quantity of certain items, such as pre-stamped envelopes, special postage stamps or commemorative stamps, we can special order them for you. You don't have to search the postal store: save the hassles of ordering online and let us take care of getting your stamps quickly.

For efficiency, our postage system uses the destination zip code, weight and dimensions of packages or envelopes and produces  “ramp ready” -- ready to be shipped -- labels with the correct postage.

Private mailboxes

For extra security for your USPS mail and packages, rent a private mailbox and have them shipped here. In these days of increasing "porch pirate" thefts, your first class mail, priority mail, and packages are safe in our private mailboxes. We take care of mail service signature confirmation for you as well.

Our mailboxes can receive packages from all carriers, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon and other local carriers.

Virtual mailboxes

If you are not going to be visiting our location to pick up mail, you can rent a virtual, or digital, mailbox and have your mail and packages sent to it. The major difference is that our physical mailboxes can have around-the-clock access, while the digital customers can see the photo of the envelope or package but must wait for us to open and scan their mail for them, which is usually done within 24 hours.

Military mail

When you need to send an item to someone serving overseas in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, we are ready to assist. We are humbled and honored to assist in those extremely important packages. Our store owner, Ted, is a veteran; he remembers what a special delivery meant when he was far from home. Shipping packages to someone serving in the military overseas or on a ship is a quasi-international USPS shipment.  Let us assist you in any way possible to make this a smooth postal delivery for your loved one.  

Media Mail

Mailing books, magazines, newspapers, and similar printed material or compact discs and other types of media can incur a lower price when your package goes by USPS Media Mail. The weight of certain items can drive up prices quickly for shipments.  While online communications have their place, there is no substitution for holding a book or magazine.

Media mail prices, considering the weight of publications, are more reasonable than first-class prices, especially for domestic mail. Media mail is a popular choice for business mailing needs. While delivery times take longer than flat rate priority mail or priority mail express, media mail is a less expensive option when appropriate.

Heavier packages

The USPS delivers packages weighing up to 70 lbs. In addition to the weight limit, boxes under 70 lbs. have size limits. A box can measure up to a total of 108 inches for height and width. Using USPS retail ground delivery, the 70 lbs. limit remains, but the combined length and girth can measure up to a total of 130 inches in size. Oversized package prices can apply to any package 70 lbs or less.

Special packaging needs

Is your item oddly shaped, like a tennis racket, or extremely fragile, like Grandma’s china? We have a trained team ready and excited to make sure your shipments are packed with all the care in the world to ensure that they have a safe, happy journey to their new home. We know about the effect of weight from other packages in mail trucks and protecting your precious items is an important part of our customer service.

Friendly customer service

At Shipping Place & More, each customer is important. You call the shots, whether your package needs to arrive in 3 days or requires the recipient's signature. With so much business taking place online, there is no substitution for finding out the accurate weight of a package and talking with a knowledgeable specialist about price differences among different domestic and international shipping services and options.  We keep track of the USPS site's legal information, postal store keyword or SKU, keyword or SKU tools, updated mailing requirements, and more to provide you with professional USPS services.

Reach out to us

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, send an email, or just drop on by. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Shipping Options


  • USPS First Class Mail®
  • USPS First Class Package Service Retail®
  • USPS Priority Mail®
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground®
  • Standard Post™
  • Media Mail™
  • Certified Mail®
  • Signature Confirmation™
  • USPS Tracking
  • Priority Mail Express International®
  • Priority Mail Express® (Delivery Guaranteed)
  • Priority Mail International®



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