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Rubber Stamps in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: Rubber stamps in ten minutes

Imagine never having to hand-endorse a check, sign a work order, or write your return address on an envelope again. At Shipping Place & More we are in the custom stamps business. Give us ten minutes and we can create your rubber stamp at a great price in your choice of stamp designs and ink color right in our shop in Hyde Park, New York. You can start using your new custom stamps only an hour after they are finished.

Save time with self-inking stamps

self inking rubber stamps

Custom rubber stamps both simplify and speed up your life. A self-inking rubber stamp eliminates the mess involved with ink pads and last for a minimum of 25,000 impressions. Without having to stop your stamping to re-ink with a separate ink pad, you save time -- and saving time means saving money.

Personalized rubber stamps

We specialize in personalized rubber stamps that say exactly what you want them to say. Whether we are making logo stamps for your shop or to create something for artwork and crafts projects, we want your pre-inked custom rubber stamp to make a good impression -- in fact, a very high-quality impression -- each time you use the stamp.

Common rubber stamps

rubber stamps

The great thing about custom stamps is that they can incorporate whatever you want. Here are some of the most common stamps we create for our customers:

  • Return address
  • Signature
  • Bank deposit endorsement
  • Notary Public seal
  • Logos
  • Accounting terms, such as "Posted" or "Paid"
  • Messages for envelopes, such as "Payment Due" or "Special Offer"


Desk essential

Keep your custom rubber stamps conveniently close by on your desk. Whether you choose traditional wood handle stamps to use with stamp ink pads or pre-inked stamps with plastic stamp bodies, the key is to keep your new stamp handy to stamp envelopes, different account files, important documents, checks, account statements, or other uses. Whether your desk is at home or in the office, convenience is critical.

Get creative

Some clients like having a collection of stamps for art and craft projects. With different colors and different stamps, custom art designs are easy and fun. You can try stamping a personal logo or monogram on stationery or notecards or decorating a wood sign with interesting stamped motifs. Stop by our shop to see all our options in size, shape, stamp ink colors, and more.

Custom rubber stamps as gifts

Imagine giving a personalized stamp with a new homeowner's address as a little housewarming gift for a new neighbor. Think how much fun school children could have stamping their workbooks and school supplies with a personalized name stamp or custom design. Teenagers might like a stamp with a funny saying or funky image to "sign" books or notes to their friends. Without much money or advance planning, you could bring a smile to family or friends with a personalized stamp.

Shipping Place & More: Your one-stop rubber stamp shop

We have been making stamps for happy customers for many years and we want to be your go-to store for any kinds of custom stamps you can think of. We have many practical new designs to show you, but we can even work with old self-inking rubber stamps that have dried out. Call 845-483-7447 for a free quote on your custom stamp order. W. Visit Click on the button below to send us a message.

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Call 845-483-7447 for more information or to get a quote on your custom stamp order. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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