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Shipping Place & More: Shredding documents

Much more than a shipping store, Shipping Place & More offers an incredibly wide menu of services for customers, including secure document destruction. We work with any size job: by the pallet or by the pound, your documents will end up in a million pieces. Our trained staff is here to assist you with document destruction services.

Shredding services

document shredding

Protecting your confidential information and your privacy is more important than ever these days. We see that document destruction services are a growing part of our business here in Hyde Park, NY. Customers from miles around bring boxes to our paper shredding facility for our commitment to accurate document destruction of confidential documents. We provide shredding solutions for both the small business owner with a need for information security and the homeowner with decades of personal documents.

Reasons for document shredding

Shredding services are not just for large corporations, lawyers, doctors, and accountants dealing with confidential information and sensitive data. All kinds of people request document shredding services for all kinds of reasons, including those listed below.

Protection against identity theft

Identity theft -- when a person uses someone's personal information, like their name, social security number, credit card number, banking information to commit fraud or other crimes. Sadly stealing someone's identity is rampant today.  There are way too many cases of identity theft that devastate a person's financial security and can take years to untangle and remedy, often at considerable expense to the victim.

Legal compliance and regulations

Everyone has a right to expect their personal information is protected. Certain national and state laws penalize firms and professionals for improper disposal of documents with confidential content. Businesses and groups that hold personal data and personally identifiable information but neglect to protect it can face legal and financial consequences.

Avoiding security breaches

document shredding

We are bombarded with news and warnings of online security breaches; in fact every time we have to type in our user name and password reminds us of the need to protect our information. However, think of all the paper records in your office or home that you do not want to end up in the wrong hands. The danger of a breach in privacy is another reason people shred documents.

Reducing exposure to security risks

Proper and accurate document destruction reduces the consequences of someone using another person's information or a company's proprietary information for crimes. The consequences of a security breach are serious. Proper information destruction and paper destruction protects you against time-consuming and damaging actions, including the following:

  • Audits, fines, investigations, and sanctions
  • Loss of clients' and professionals' trust
  • Almost irrevocable damage to your company's or organization's reputation


Reducing fire risks and clutter

You may not think of this, but a room of file boxes with out-of-date information can be expensive real estate, in both residential and business settings. The clutter of excess papers can also be a fire hazard. Offices continually need to get rid of outdated papers as part of an organization-wide records management system. For example, employers use paper shredding services to get rid of employee files no longer in use. The document shredding process is a quick way to streamline your space.

Paper documents that are often shredded

So much of the data we need is securely protected and stored at little cost online. For some offices, this online data storage means less paper shredding and fewer shred bins. Every family and small business is different and will have different needs, but many people are ready to securely dispose of documents that duplicate what is online. Pay attention to whether you need to keep documents and other media in categories like the following:

  • Account records
  • Audits
  • Bank statements, including retirement account statements
  • Bills, including credit card bills
  • Business files/records
  • Contracts that are obsolete
  • Correspondence that has already been handled
  • Financial statements with social security numbers
  • Health insurance forms
  • Inventory records
  • Invoices
  • Medical records
  • Payroll records and personnel files
  • Purchase receipts
  • Sales forecasts
  • Written emails and memos

At small businesses, sensitive information in documents like these should go in the office shred bin, (which should be locked by secure means) and securely destroyed.

Secure paper shredding services

Whether you are in the market for one-time shredding to clear out large volumes of paper documents in your file cabinets or more frequent paper destruction of confidential documents, Shipping Place & More is ready to be your local document destruction service. We are a locally owned and operated store and we want to be your shredding company.

A shredding company can save money

document shredding equipment

Some people think they will just use paper shredding machines at home or in their office, but think again. Using a professional shredding company for document destruction services makes sense from a cost perspective. Shredding services offer small business owners an opportunity for savings. They don't have to buy and maintain their own paper-shredding office equipment, schedule service calls when it's not working, or deal with loads of shredded paper.

Paper shredding services in Hyde Park, NY

When you are ready for secure document destruction services, look no further than Hyde Park, New York. Our Shredding services offer small companies and large corporations a chance for fast and convenient off-site shredding. You can simply drop off your paper shred bins at Shipping Place & More and pick them up later -- or we can give you a secure means for you to drop off so we can empty your shred bins on the spot. Come in for one-time shredding or come in bi-weekly, whatever works for you.

Shipping Place & More: Document shredding when you need it

Among our many other services, we are proud to offer quick and efficient paper document destruction services when you need it, whether for residential shredding services or business information destruction. Call us soon at 845-483-7447 for a free quote on our secure document destruction services for any size job. We want to help you stay in compliance with today's regulations on secure paper shredding to protect privacy and prevent identity theft.  You can also contact us by email: just click on the button below to send us a message.

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