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Shipping Place & More: Everything you need for flyers and brochures

Shipping Place & More is your one-stop business services center for designing, printing, and mailing flyers and brochures. With our full-service options from design to printing, we can turn around projects quickly and economically. Our design and print services are some of the best around, so when you need professional-looking flyers, brochures, menus, direct marketing pieces or other materials, come see us.

Flyers and brochures

brochure printing example

The great thing about printed handouts such as folded brochures and one-page flyers is that these formats let you promote your business or organization to a wide audience at a low cost. Striking brochures and flyers with a strong call to action can attract attention and provide more information for customers, donors, and others. People in sales and marketing like to not only hand out their business cards at a trade show or one-time event -- they also want to hand out leaflets, flyers, or pamphlets to promote their brand and raise interest.

Popular print marketing products

Over the years, customers have requested all kinds of marketing publications in a variety of formats. Here are some print marketing publications we have worked on:

* Flyers are printed on one side or both sides of 8.5 x 11-inch paper and usually are distributed flat

* Brochures can have multiple pages or can be a single folded sheet, such as a legal sized page that has two or three folds

* Post cards are an efficient way to get the word out about a company or one-time events for very little money

* Pamphlets or leaflets tend to typically be folded flyers that are easy to slip in an envelope or leave on a table for customers to pick up

* Most booklets typically have multiple sheets held together with saddle stitch (staples in the fold or spine of the booklet)

* Restaurant menus have a number of pages are like booklets and are printed on high-quality paper for durability

Brochure printing

brochure printing

Brochures are among the most popular printing jobs we do for companies. Sometimes our customer just has ideas about what they want the brochure to accomplish and not a lot of in-depth information about what their brochure should look like. These clients can work with our designers and get ideas by looking at examples of other brochures we have produced.

Other customers have already thought out important information such as graphics, layout, and paper choices. They have specific goals for their brochure, such as to introduce the company and brand to new customers. The brochure plays a key role in your sales funnel as you boost sales with professionally produced brochures and flyers.

Flyer printing: Cost-effective and efficient

The tried-and-true one-page flyer can both have a very strong visual impact and be produced at a very low per-copy price. Fold it twice and put a stamp on it and it's a cheap mailing. Leave it flat and tack it on a bulletin board and it's a visible announcement. Leave it on a counter and it's a fast hand-out and leave-behind. There are significant differences in a well-designed flyer and one that is so crowded with information that it becomes hard to read. We recommend that you keep flyer content concise and reader-friendly and we can help you with a design that delivers your message effectively.

Promotional materials in any quantity

Sometimes customers want just a few pamphlets, which can be individually printed out or copied on high quality paper, maybe a text stock gloss or other thicker paper. Other times, customers need large-volume hand outs in thousands of copies, in which case offset printing makes sense. The difference in quantity will affect cost.

Mailing out your flyers and brochures

Would you like help getting your promotionally designed and printed flyers and brochures distributed? In addition to printing, we can help with getting mailing address labels for your brochure or flyer and, of course, we offer full post office services to getting them in the mail quickly. Any documents that are mailed must meet certain technical specifications and we can ensure that those specs are met in the design and printing process.

Longer shelf life

Typically, well-designed printed brochures with several pages of strong content have a longer shelf life than simple black-and-white flyers. Brochures that outline the differences between your company's services and your competitors can become reference materials for customers to use in decision making. A professional design and high-quality images can make a difference in how long a customer will hang on to a brochure instead of immediately tossing it into the recycling bin.

Shipping Place & More offers options for brochures and flyers

We can guide you through differences between these options.

* Black and white

* Full-color

* Legal, letter, ledger paper

* Custom sizes

* Bi-fold, tri-fold, and four-panel

* Paper options, such as glossy or flat, card stock or linen

* Print on demand

* Different colors of paper

* Folding and stapling

* Binding and laminating

* Design service for everything from simple leaflets to complex catalogues

* Low and high volume pricing

* Online ordering and re-ordering

* Print and ship options

Shipping Place & More: Printing flyers and brochures to meet your needs

With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are experts in printing whatever flyer or brochure you can envision. We are glad to hear back from satisfied clients who report that one of our publications helped close a sale or recruit volunteers. Whether you are looking for an elegant, sophisticated brochure or a simple announcement, we want your words to drive the marketing conversation.

Have a question about our flyer and brochure services?

If you have questions about printing or design, please feel free to stop by our store at 3979 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, NY, or call 845-483-7447  We have samples of flyer formats, leaflets with folds, brochures, and much more. Let us know your idea and we can give you a free estimate in person or over the phone. You can also email us your questions by clicking on the button below to send us a message.

Have A Question About Our Flyer & Brochure Services?

Call 845-483-7447 if you have any questions about our flyer and brochure production capabilities or for a free estimate. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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