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Digital Mailbox Rental in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: Digital Mailboxes speed up communications

Of course, Shipping Place & More offers traditional private mailbox rentals, but we are also one of the only businesses in Hyde Park, NY, that also offers the 21st-century version of postal convenience: digital mailboxes.

What is a digital mailbox? 

Most communications today have migrated to a “digital” environment, meaning web-based electronic communications. Think email, text, Twitter, websites, blogs, Instagram, voice mail, and so much more. A digital mailbox kicks up your correspondence to the next level by conveying to your cell phone (or other digital device) the actual contents of every envelope, postcard or other mail.

This ain’t your grandfather’s mailbox

Traditional, old-school mail is following suit to the instant-access world by moving to a digital platform that allows you to receive and manage your letter mail and packages – without ever touching an envelope or box. With a digital mailbox at Shipping Place & More, you can access the content from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Imagine: getting your hard copy, paper mail on your iPhone or Android phone or other smart device -- and you can do it from anywhere in the world!

Street address -- and more

When you “rent” a digital mailbox from Shipping Place & More, you get a street address in Hyde Park, NY, that allows you to have all letter mail and packages sent to us. Once we receive an item, you decide via an online app what to do with it. Think of it as a virtual mailing address for your home -- or a virtual business address for companies on the go.

Don't underestimate the power of having an alternate real street address in Hyde Park, New York. Real street addresses bring a credibility that small business owners can appreciate -- and they protect your home address for individuals receiving regular postal mail.

Access mail and packages from anywhere

Who uses Digital Mailboxes? Snowbirds, who flock to Florida and the Southwest but don't want the hassle of changing addresses and mail forwarding. Business travelers, who love the convenience of getting today's mail from the road. Families on the go, like the grandparents who spend a few weeks here and a few weeks there but don't want to lose touch with the mail going to their homes. Anyone on assignment, for work or school, in another county.

Available digital mailbox services

The great thing about digital mailbox service, compared to traditional mailbox rental, is the ability to receive mail and read it instantly and remotely. With a virtual mailbox, the ball is in your court and you call the shots. You can manage your postal mail from wherever you are.

-- We scan each envelope so you can see who sent it 

-- We open and scan the contents of each letter or mailing so you can read it remotely 

-- We forward to you the mail and packages you need to keep 

-- We shred the mail you don’t need or want 

Digital mailbox rental vs. traditional mail box rental

virtual office address

Both options give you a personal mailbox number and the confidence that your mail and packages are delivered and stored, regardless if you are in town or not. This is a very valuable benefit in these times of "porch pirates" and stolen deliveries. However, a digital mailbox gives us what you can never enjoy with traditional private mailbox rentals: the ability to manage mail and have access to your mail without leaving your home and when you are away from home.

Personal mail

You may have used a PO box in the past to protect your home address and those postal connections remind you of having to drive to the post office to pick up your mail, any hours of the day or night. Sometimes those late-night visits -- especially when you are expecting a package or check -- felt a little, shall we say, sketchy, especially if your post office was not well-lit or a bit isolated. A digital mailbox rental is a safe, secure, and time-saving alternative to that PO mailbox address. Plus it makes it easier to manage your mail from afar.

Business mail

Business owners and employees recognize the efficiency of this service for correspondence from any business contact. Having the ability to manage your mail from anywhere and get it scanned in electronically also lets you store documents in your computer, no matter where you are. Think about it: You get a check in the mail that's sitting there until you get to the mailbox rental location. If you receive a check, you can even deposit it remotely to your account if you have remote deposits set up with your bank. All of this can be done via your computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet—any device with an Internet connection.

Shipping Place & More: Your digital mailbox provider

In addition to all our services, from making copies to packaging a box for international shipping, the digital mailbox puts us on the cutting edge of correspondence. If you have trouble navigating through normal postal connections for instant access to your mail, set up a digital alternative with us.

Whether you are in Rome, Italy, or Rome, Texas, you can now have a digital mailbox at Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park, NY. We’ll make managing your mail and packages as simple as sending a text or posting on Facebook. To set up your new account, call our local phone number, 845-483-7447 , or send us a message by clicking on the button below.

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