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Custom Crate Building in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: When only a crate will do

Sometimes, even a big strong double-walled cardboard box just won't work for a large or especially fragile shipping job. That's why many years ago, the packing professionals at Shipping Place & More tackled the tough task of building custom crates for tough shipment challenges.

Hard-to-find wood crates in the right size

custom-sized crates

Shipping Place & More is one of the few pack-and-ship stores with the skills and capacity to be able to build a crate specially designed for almost any job. We have built wood crates for shipping fine art, glass and stone table tops, antique chairs, a 1950s soda fountain, American Indian pottery from the 1800s, motorcycles, hand-made canoes, and many other items. It is quite a project to build crates!

Each crate we build from wood is custom designed and sized for the dimensions of the shipment at hand. Just as we construct boxes to fit the contents, we make the height and width of a crate large enough for the item, plus room for foam and other packing materials.

When does a job require a crate?

Very valuable paintings, for example, call for wooden crates to ensure adequate protection. Similarly, if the item you are shipping contains plate glass or is made of stone, it must be shipped in a crate; otherwise it may arrive at its destination broken.

Some people might think something made of rock would not be fragile, but a stone table top can easily break. Stone slabs are highly prone to breakage and must be protected through careful packing and crating.

The art and science of building a wood crate

While the final wood crate might look a little rustic, the crate will be remarkably strong and sturdy, able to protect its contents no matter what other heavy box or crate will be on top of it in a truck, plane or railroad car. Building a wood crate is like building a primitive wood chair -- it has to be well assembled, durable, and strong enough to support weight.

Pallet wood and wood glue

Many crates are composed of basically pallet wood, plywood, or slats made of other boards or pine lumber, all held together with wood screws, nails, other carpenters' materials, and trusty wood glue. It takes a full workshop of tools: circular saw, table saw, chop saw, pallet jack, drill bit set, different nail sizes, and more. Throughout the process, the carpenter will measure the crate in inches to make sure it provides adequate space for the contents and surrounding packing materials. It is quite a project to custom build a wood crate!

Step-by-step wood crate building

custom crate building

The first thing our experienced carpenters do is break up wood pallets or simply cut plywood to the correct dimensions for the project. This is where a table saw comes in to cut pieces the same length. Our staff makes sure that the four sides of the wood box are the same size in inches for width and other dimensions.

The next step is to line up and attach the pieces with glue and then nail or screw together the needed pieces, which can include side panels, wood top, edge pieces, and end pieces. The carpenters may pre-drill holes for the screws or nails to make sure the parts of the wood crate are properly attached.

In the last step, the carpenters can use tools to smooth out any splinters or holes on the edges around the perimeter of the crate. They often tap down the screw heads and nails so they don't damage the crate contents. You don't want the tips of screws protruding from the boards.

Crate options

Occasionally, a wood crate is lined with foam at this point for an extra edge of defense against breakage. If needed, we can even paint or stain the slats of a wood crate. Wood from palettes and plywood don't always have the most attractive appearance.

Stronger than boxes

custom crate lamp shade

We make wood crates to be strong enough to handle whatever a shipping company might dish out at the other end of the line. A wood crate made from pallets or plywood needs to be built and packed securely enough to withstand a three-foot fall to the ground in transit. A box is strong, but sometimes you need the durability of boards, glue, and screws.

We build what you need

Virtually whatever you need to ship, Shipping Place & More can build a crate for it. Note: Custom crates are not cheap, but often the right crate makes all the difference in having your valuable items arrive safely at a loved one's house or a company job site. It is worth the time and money.

What we do

We make crates for many different uses, including the following:

  • Closed crates
  • Open crates
  • Frame crates
  • Skeleton crates
  • Palletized crates


Shipping Place & More: Your go-to store

Why do businesses and residents of Hyde Park, NY and surrounding areas rely on Shipping Place & More for their crating and packing needs? Because we can build a custom crate for a favorite antique rocking chair, grandfather clock, or even helicopter parts. Each crate is custom-designed to fit your exact needs to save both time and money. Call 845-483-7447 to talk about your next shipping challenge and get a free quote on a custom crate -- the rates may be more reasonable than you thought! Click on the button below to send us a message.


Whatever you need, Shipping Place & More can build it!

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