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Custom Crate Building | Hyde Park, NY

Custom Crate Building in Hyde Park, NY

At Shipping Place & More, We Can Build A Crate For Almost Anything

There are times, however, when a cardboard box is simply not a good solution. Come to the crating experts at Shipping Place & More for some of the toughtest packing on the planet. Very valuable paintings, for example, call for wooden crates to ensure adequate protection. Similarly, if the item you are shipping contains plate glass or is made of stone, it must be shipped in a crate; otherwise it may arrive at its destination broken.

Most people think a stone table top is not fragile, but this is incorrect. Stone slabs are highly prone to breakage and must be protected through careful packing and crating.

Shipping Place & More is one of the few pack and ship stores willing and able to build a custom crate for any job. We have built crates for shipping fine art, glass and stone table tops, antique chairs, 1950s soda fountains, American Indian pottery from the 1800s, motorcycles, hand made canoes, and many other items. 

Why do businesses and residents of Hyde Park, NY rely on Shipping Place & More for their crating and packing needs? Because we can build custom crates for your favorite antique rocking chair, grandfather clock or helicopter. When it comes to crating, size does not matter at Shipping Place & More. Our crates are custom-designed to fit your exact needs to save both time and money.

We Can Build:

  • Closed crates
  • Open crates
  • Frame crates
  • Skeleton crates
  • Palletized crates

Whatever you need, Shipping Place & More can build it!

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