Shipping FAQ in Hyde Park, NY

I want to insure my international shipment for one value and list a different value for customs purposes. Can I do this?

When shipping internationally, the declared value and the customs value must be the same. If they are different, there will be a serious delay in customs, or the shipment may not even clear customs.

Can I insure items I packed myself?

If you do your own packing, you can insure your package for up to $500, but only to cover loss. We cannot submit claims for items you packed that arrive broken.

Can I insure something I packed which is worth more than $500?

We can insure items packed by the customer for more than $500 only if we are allowed open the package and make sure it is packed properly. If your items are properly packed, we can insure the package for the amount you specify. If the items are not packed properly, we can repack them for you and insure them for the amount you specify.

Can I ship an item which is still in its original box and packaging?

We recommend that already packaged items be shipped inside another box, cushioned by padding to properly protect them while in route via one of our carriers. This is because most retail packaging is not designed to withstand the rigors of package shipping envirnoment without additional protection. Before you purchase them, retail items are packed and shipped to the store on a pallet in a tractor trailer.

I want to insure my stock certificates for $50,000. Can you do this?

Carriers and insurance companies will not insure any kind of document for over $500. While we can ship them but it is extremely dangerous.

Can I ship cash?

Shipping Place & More will not ship cash. It is not illegal, but there is no way to prevent a potential claim by the recipient that there was less cash received than was actually sent, and no way to resolve such an issue. In lieu of sending cash, we recommend that the money be wired or transferred electronically to your recipient’s bank account. Funds transfer services are provided by banks and Western Union, among others.

Will you ship and insure my loose precious gem(s) or metal?

Shipping Place & More will not ship loose precious gems or metals. While it is not illegal to ship precious gems or metals, a false claim can be made by the recipient that fewer or different gems were received than were actually sent.

Why can't I ship my package wrapped in brown paper?

The small pack system is designed to ship boxes or packages wrapped in heavy plastic, tyvek, padded or bubble envelopes.  We have had drivers refuse to take packages wrapped in paper.  If the paper gets caught on something it is only a few seconds before another package hits your package.  This occur again and again.  Ultimately, the paper will be ripped off the package.  The paper and the package will never meet again.  We must then file a claim.  We are trying to avoid the problem before it occurs.

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