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Over the last 20 years, we have heard all kinds of customers' questions about the shipping process. We thought we would share answers to some of these shipping FAQs. What questions do you have about shipping your packages? Call us at 845-483-7447 !

How do I know which shipping method to use for my package?

Good question. You have many shipping options and we try to recommend whichever shipping carrier or freight carrier will work best for your shipment. Before choosing FedEx Ground or FedEx SmartPost, UPS or USPS, or other available shipping options, we'll look at a few variables. These would include shipping cost, estimated delivery date, delivery within the contiguous United States, Canada, or international destinations, amount of insurance you plan to purchase, and other considerations.

How are shipping costs calculated?

It's basically a matter of time and distance. Shipping charges go up when you want faster delivery times and when the shipping address is further away. The cost of insurance is based on the value of the package contents and can represent a significant part of the shipping rates. However, when sending out a shipment of any value, we recommend that you purchase adequate insurance.

What shipping methods are available at Shipping Place & More?



We are authorized shippers for highly reliable shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, the U.S. Postal Service along with a few lesser known carriers that are also highly rated. Because of our customer volume and long account relationships with each carrier, we receive in-store pickup services Monday-Friday, and typically Saturday also.

We also have the ability to track order status and provide you with online tracking number assistance. Some shippers, such as Amazon Prime, offer free standard shipping for returns. If customers choose that shipping option, they can drop off return packages (with the correct return address label) for free here. This is safer than leaving a package at your front door for local pickup.

I want to insure my international shipment for one value and list a different value for customs purposes. Can I do this?

With international shipping, the declared value and the customs value must be the same. If they are different, there will be a serious delay in customs, changes in shipping costs or, worse yet, the shipment may not even clear customs. Regardless of shipping carrier, the values of items on shipping labels or in the order history must match up.

Can I insure items I packed myself?

If you do your own packing, you can insure your package for up to $500, but only to cover loss of the shipment. We cannot submit claims for items you packed that arrive broken. When the shipping and packaging professionals in our store pack your shipments, we have found that customers report fewer damaged packages.

Can I insure something I packed which is worth more than $500?

The only way we can insure items packed by the customer for more than $500 is if we are allowed to open the package in the store and verify that it is packed carefully to our standards. Again, when we pack customers' shipments, we guarantee the insurability of the contents.

If your items are properly packed, we can insure the package for the amount you specify. If the items are not packed properly, we can repack them for you (often this may add to the cost) and insure them for the amount you specify.

Can I ship an item that is still in its original box and packaging?

shipping repackaging

We recommend that already packaged items be shipped inside another box, cushioned by padding to properly protect them while in route via one of our shipping services. This is because most retail packaging is unable to withstand the rigors of package shipping environment without additional protection. Before you purchase items from a store in original packaging, those items were packed, shipped, and delivered to the store on a pallet in a tractor trailer. That is a different shipping method entirely.

I want to insure my stock certificates for $50,000. Can you do this?

Carriers and insurance companies will not insure any kind of document for over $500. We can't stop you from mailing stock certificates, but know that there are risks involved.

Can I ship cash?

Shipping Place & More will not ship cash. It is not illegal, but there is no way to prevent a potential claim by the recipient that there was less cash received than was actually sent, and no way to resolve such an issue. In lieu of sending cash, we recommend that the money be wired or transferred electronically to your recipient’s bank account. Funds transfer services are provided by banks and Western Union, among others.

Will you ship and insure my loose precious gems and gold?

Shipping Place & More will not ship loose precious gems or metals. While it is not illegal to ship precious gems or metals, a false claim can be made by the recipient that fewer or different gems were received than were actually sent.

Why can't I ship my package wrapped in brown paper?

thick plastic box wrapping

The small pack system is designed to ship boxes or packages wrapped in heavy plastic, Tyvek, padded or bubble envelopes. We have had drivers refuse to take packages wrapped in paper. If the paper gets caught on something, it is only a few seconds before another package hits your package. This can occur again and again. Ultimately, the paper will be ripped off the package. The paper and the package will never meet again. We must then file a claim. We are trying to avoid the problem before it occurs.

What if I need to change the shipping address after the package has left?

Let's say a customer wrote the wrong address on the shipping label. Or maybe problems make it difficult for a carrier to deliver to the original address. When customers have shipped or mailed something with the shipping professionals at Shipping Place & More, they are lucky: we have options. Contact us with the name of the carrier and the tracking information (you may have this from a shipping confirmation email) and we can work with that carrier on updating an address.

The carrier may have a small cost for an address change, once the delivery of a shipment is in process. We can charge that change fee to you on your credit card over the phone or you can stop by our shop with a different payment method. You can expect the delivery time to be affected, but in many cases, the late delivery might be one business day or even a couple business days. Our goal is to get each box or mail delivered to the address that the customer wants.

More shipping FAQs?

Shipping Place & More professionals have more answers than we could list! Stop by our shop at 3797 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, NY, and ask us: we are always adding new questions about the shipping process to our "shipping FAQs." Contact us for a free shipping quote, an update on current customers' order status, guidance on preparing shipments for safe delivery, or other issues. For more information, call us at 845-483-7447 or email us a message by clicking the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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