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These days, the friendly neighborhood post office may not be so friendly. Budget cuts have cut staff, leaving fewer people to handle the long lines at most post offices. With the emphasis on efficiency and cost cutting, mail clerks no longer have the chance to chat with customers about new stamps or postal regulations. However, most of the time, there are no lines for postage stamps at Shipping Place & More. And our clerks are more than happy to answer any questions!

Post office for the people

People around Hyde Park, New York, know that they can rely on Shipping Place & More for shipping out their packages and for copying, faxing, and shredding services, but they may not realize we sell postage stamps in any quantity and in many different postage denominations and close to their issue date. It is just another service we provide in our one-stop shop.

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Day in and day out, large numbers of people flock to the post office for business and personal needs. Sure, much of our correspondence is by email and text these days, but nothing compares with getting a thoughtful birthday card in the mail or a favorite magazine. Many people search online for an alternate to the post office to bypass the crowds. That's where Shipping Place & More comes in: a convenient alternative to the post office that provides the same basic services.

Commemorative stamps

commemorative stamps

We love stamps, especially the ones honor famous figures, monumental achievements, historical events, and interesting places. For instance the commemorative stamps that feature Asian American Pacific Islander heritage pay tribute to and celebrate Asian-American Pacific culture. We have so many events in U.S. history and festive traditions to honor, from the impact of Rosa Parks on civil rights to the celebration of Creole cuisine. At our store, we enjoy ordering a variety of items from the quarterly philatelic catalog: first day issue date envelopes, postage stamps that honor great athletes, postage stamps to feature American soldiers of WWII heritage, and more postage stamps of all kinds.

Perfect gift for all occasions

Postage stamps may be the easiest and most practical gift out there for any occasion and any recipient. Think about it: People of all ages mail letters, checks, and more on a regular basis. Virtually everyone needs postage stamps -- and would appreciate a gift that they can use without making a trip to the post office. Select a forever stamp design and postage stamps are a gift with a long shelf-life.

We also carry shipping supplies

In addition to all our other services, we also have all kinds of shipping supplies for you to prepare packages for mailing. We can properly package your items or you can pack them at home and bring them to us for shipping. While you're in the store, feel free to buy a book of the latest forever stamp or stamps that honor famous actors or military achievements in U.S. history. In one visit, you can pick up bubble wrap, boxes in your choice of 70 sizes, tape and your choice of commemorative stamps depicting heritage breeds, Star Wars characters, monumental achievements in U.S. culture, and all kinds of themes.

International mail

We can also help you determine how much postage is needed to send letters or packages overseas. We continually search tools, learn about the latest international postage regulations, and share that information with our staff.

Shipping Place & More

forever stamps

The next time you need to buy postage stamps or mail a package, stop by our convenient and well-stocked store at 3979 Albany Post Road. See what's new in forever stamp designs and special stamps that honor important people and events. In our store, search postal store stamps online to find stamps of interest. If you want a special commemorative stamp or will need a large quantity of stamps, give us a call or send a message. Better yet, come visit us in the store. We can special order the stamps that you need. Call us at 845-483-7447 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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Questions about available stamps? Call us at 845-483-7447 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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