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We truly live in a global society and marketplace. So many of us have friends, family, or customers all over the world. Fortunately, international shipping has become more accessible and affordable, thanks to the experts at Shipping Place & More. We work with specialized shipping companies and international courier services that will safely deliver your international package to our neighbors in Mexico or Canada and to virtually any destination in the world.

Frequently asked questions

People can quickly get overwhelmed with questions about international package and mail delivery services. At Shipping Place & More, we hear so many different questions from customers about their personal and business international shipments ...

  1. Will I have to pay customs taxes and duties? 
  2. How can I access the forms needed for delivery to a specific destination? 
  3. How can I compare services from FedEx, UPS, DHL, Post Office, Blue Dart, or Royal Mail? 
  4. How can I meet shipping rules and regulations for the destination country? 
  5. Can I ship packages that could be considered dangerous goods? 
  6. What is the best international shipping service?
  7. How many business days will my package take for delivery?
  8. What kinds of insurance should I use for international shipping delivery? 
  9. Can I request that my package recipient will sign for the shipment? 
  10. Can I track shipping delivery during transit to different destinations?
  11. What is the cheapest way to ship things internationally?
  12. How much does overseas shipping cost?


No replacement for shipping expertise

Some tasks can be handled online without consultation with a person, but international shipping is a whole new world for people, especially new customers without experience. The best international shipping company is the one that works best for your needs. There is no substitute for years of experience with international packing, documentation, labeling, and working with multiple international shipping companies. For answers and efficiency when you need to ship internationally, visit the Shipping Place & More. We've had over 25 years of experience with safe and reliable international delivery and outstanding customer service. 

One-stop shop

The International Shipping Experts at Shipping Place & More know exactly how to pack, document, and ship your items to arrive safely and on time to virtually anywhere, in over 220 countries and territories, in the world. If you need to get a large package to a customer in Europe in five days, contact us. If your company is sending a high-value item to South Africa and you need insurance and the recipient to sign for it, contact us. We search for the right carrier, be it U.S. mail, FedEx, or another company to deliver your packages safely. 

international delivery options

Delivery  options

When you need to find the right shipping service for mail or international shipments, our staff matches your shipping needs and delivery speed to our most trusted international carriers. We use a shipping calculator and other tools to search for the right carrier for the right country. The number of business days for international shipment delivery in a destination country may vary based on weight limits, service availability, and even how air service impacts delivery. We coordinate the best international shipping services to 220 countries and territories -- and we keep up with which shipping companies are best for which shipping services. Contact us for more information. 

Specialized tariffs

Currently, all European countries -- the European Union -- require harmonized codes on any international shipment sent to any member country. Harmonized System (HS) codes in Europe reflect the World Customs Organization's international shipping standard for calculating import duty taxes. 

Each HS code describes a particular trade product, which allows governments around the world to charge the right tariffs. Most experts at international shipping companies expect other countries will adopt the policy used in Europe in the not too distant future. The staff at the Shipping Place & More regularly research tariff and customs codes for customers; we make it our business to ensure the safe delivery of your package. 

International shipping company options

international shipping options

The international shipping experts at Shipping Place and More have a wide array of international shipping companies to consider for package delivery via DHL, FedEx, UPS, the post office and many other international courier. Some countries have regional delivery shipping services, such as Blue Dart Express in India and Royal Mail in Great Britain. 


How will we know which package carrier is best for what you are shipping? Based on more than a quarter-century of experience in international shipping services, we start by asking you a few questions, including your preferred delivery times (number of business days), the value of your shipment, any specific services you'd like to request, and other shipping issues.  

Rules for different destinations

Did you know it is illegal to ship any type of technology to China, Russia, Hong Kong, and Venezuela? Cell phones, computer equipment, gaming devices, and basically anything which contains any type of computer chip are not allowed to be shipped to those countries. Some items can be shipped without issue to Spain, but the same item may be prohibited to Mexico. Keeping up with shipping regulations to different destinations is part of our shipping service. 

Know each country's rules

Shipping a gift by mail to your aunt in Des Moines is pretty simple. Sending multiple packages to your friend in Sydney, Australia, is a different story. International shipping is far more complicated than shipping domestically. 

Every country has different laws and rules regarding commodities entering their country. Some items going to certain countries must have specially defined terms in the item description on the commercial invoice. Without this term, the item will not even be allowed to leave America. At Shipping Place & More, we regularly research different countries' regulations, customs, insurance, and transit laws. When we get a special request, we dig deep for more information. 

Proper packing

model ship international shipping

model ship international shipping

The staff at the Shipping Place & More are certified and trained professional packers for domestic and international shipping -- it's all part of our service to our customers.  We know the rigors and rough handling your package will encounter in transit. At our store, you enjoy the benefit of many years of our packing experience to help ensure the safe delivery of your package. This experience is one of our best tools when you ship a package internationally. In addition, we rely on the best international shipping companies, rather than cheap international shipping services that may vary in business reliability to different destinations. 


You can't forget the specialized international document requirements for shipping outside the United States. If you don’t include the proper paperwork, your shipment may never arrive. As part of our service, we go above and beyond the average post office service to coordinate the paperwork you need. We make sure your package has the correct documentation, which can include customs forms, specialized commercial invoices, pro forma invoices, EEI forms, automated bills and more. 

Service costs

An individual or company shipping overseas will also need to know if their shipment or mail will incur certain fees for entrance into a different country. Each carrier will have its own fees, but we will be able to search for and implement the rules for import taxes, international duties, brokerage fees, and other additional costs that may be assessed on your shipment. 

Cheap international shipping services

Often people are surprised at the affordable prices of shipping goods around the globe. When you are not on a strict time deadline for delivery, we can help you find options at fairly reasonable costs, considering the thousands of miles your package might travel. International business and global relationships have brought down the high costs that customers may have faced in the past. 

Working with international shipping companies 

One of our keys to success in global deliveries is our long relationships and partnerships with leading international shippers. We stay current with shippers' competitive rates, which allows us to get you the best prices. We only use the most reliable and trusted shippers, even if they may cost a bit more than new "off-brand" companies. That gives us the peace of mind that your packages will arrive safely at their destinations. 

UPS international delivery

UPS International

The Shipping Place & More is an Authorized Shipping Outlet, ASO, for United Parcel Service or UPS, one of the more popular international shipping services. The "guys in the brown trucks" have delivered packages to consumers and companies since 1909. Our experts are knowledgeable about shipping internationally with UPS and can tell you about UPS Canada, UPS Puerto Rico, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Saver, and other services. Some shipments, such as those to Mexico or Canada that are needed in a specific number of business days, can be delivered as quickly as tomorrow or up to a week later. This is dependent upon air or ground shipping service. 

DHL international shipping 

DHL International

Internationally, DHL is a dominant package carrier. At Shipping Place & More, we offer excellent personal service and very competitive prices on DHL deliveries -- often even lower than if you logged onto the DHL website and shipped the package or document yourself.  If we can't match or beat a delivery price, we will simply tell you to take your shipping there.  This has not happened since we implemented our pricing policy in 2019.

We are your international shipping specialists

When you need to send mail or items out of the United States, stop by or contact the Shipping Place & More. You can save time searching and rest assured that you are working with international shipping professionals. We have the expertise and customer service to ensure safe and prompt delivery around the world. Contact us soon -- we look forward to helping you with your global shipping needs.


Have a question about International shipping or other services?

The international shipping professionals at Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park, NY, look forward to working with you to ship your packages internationally. Call us at  845-483-7447  or click the button below to send us a message for more information.

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