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UPS access point in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: Now in the UPS Access Point™ network

If you hate missing UPS deliveries when you're not at home or you need to drop off a pre-paid UPS package, Shipping Place & More is your solution. As an official location for the UPS Access Point Network, Shipping Place & More will sign for your inbound UPS packages and keep them safe and secure until you pick them up. So, have no fear when ordering online when your shipment is coming by UPS. If you are not home, the UPS driver will leave a note to let you know the package will be at Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park, NY.

Consumers benefit

In this day of porch pirates and stolen packages, Shipping Place & More gives you peace of mind with stress-free package acceptance service. Whether you are expecting a package or leaving a return package at your front door to be picked up, our friendly employees go beyond shipping and tracking to protect your outgoing and incoming UPS boxes.

Businesses benefit

ups access point receiving

We are definitely open for business service. Good business service impacts related concerns such as trusting the merchants that are shipping your purchases. With "ship smarter" service updates, you can expand your business, give your customers convenient options delivering possibility remarkable service and take a proactive approach to events impacting operations. Promotions of discount pricing options can be included in those service updates.

Online merchants

E-commerce is bigger than ever, with impacts related to coronavirus reducing in-person shopping. You can give your customers convenient delivery options and the opportunity to close track a package or even change the delivery address. At the height of the coronavirus, UPS services shipped a record number of packages and now they offer services that go beyond simple delivery and drop-off. For instance. Shipping Place & More can hold UPS packages for up to seven days if recipients are out of town. Expand your business: give your customers convenient options with the UPS access point network.

Receive your package safely

When you order something online, you can specify that your package be sent to your nearby UPS Access Point by using the Shipping Place & More address: 3979 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY 12538. Remember: you have seven days to pick up the package. If you are picking up a package, you will need to provide proof of identity to collect it.

Ship your package safely

ups access point delivery

If you want to to ship a package to someone and use a UPS Access Point across the country, you can ask the recipient of the package or search UPS access point locations for the spot most convenient for them to reach. If you need to return an item, just tape on a pre-paid UPS Return label and drop off the box at any Access Point location.

Beyond shipping

Of course, at Shipping Place & More, we go beyond shipping and tracking to make sure we pack your items so they stay safe 0n their journey by truck, air, or train. For outstanding customer service, this site company provides an overview of our services that go beyond just providing your customers convenient delivery options. With this partnership with UPS, we can offer remarkable services that go with the distinction of being a UPS Access Point Network member. As always, our staff is open for business service feedback on how we can best give our customers convenient delivery options. We want to be your UPS Access Point location!

Concerns related to coronavirus? UPS is on top of it

With concerns related to coronavirus, UPS strives for customer and employee safety -- and during coronavirus, UPS services have never wavered. If you have questions related to coronavirus, close those worries with UPS safety priorities.

Business service impacts related concerns about package safety

The key here is that UPS wants to provide remarkable services that go beyond shipping to ensure that the right person gets the right package. When the next UPS is open, you can learn more about what it means for a store to be accepted as a UPS Access Point network member.

How do I ship to a UPS Access Point?

When you are online or in the UPS app, it's easy to close track a package and stay open for business service. Basically, you just enter your name and address, enter your recipient's address, and select a destination UPS Access Point location that is convenient for your recipient. Lastly, you choose email, text or voice mail to receive tracking notifications for you and your recipient.

We're a UPS shipper for anyone

If you don't have a UPS account or a pre-paid label, we can accept your package and get it on its way -- no problem. We are an official mailing location for UPS, so not to worry if you don't have an account or pre-labeled UPS shipment.

Shipping Place & More: Proud member of UPS network

When you're exploring UPS sites, connect with us. Call 845-483-7447 and we can answer questions about dropping off or picking up your shipment at Shipping Place & More. To close track a package, visit our Tracking Page. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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