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DHL Express Shipping Services

Worldwide, DHL is the dominant international shipping company and the Shipping Place & More is proud to access the services of DHL Express. Known for their outstanding delivery service to thousands of locations,  DHL carries shipments around the world.

Shipping and tracking solutions

With our broad access to transportation companies and express parcel package services, we often choose  DHL Express for their service, reliable pickup, transit tracking,  and customer support. When we need tracking details, we can access the account right away for the full details.

Guaranteed lowest DHL international prices

DHL International

 We guarantee the lowest DHL  prices, even if you access http or have permission to access http URLs from other companies. If we can't match or beat a price that you were able to access from another source, we will simply tell you to take your packages there. This has not happened since we implemented our pricing policy services in 2019.


Through DHL Express, we can ship to over 220 countries worldwide. We can send letters, documents, packages, and much more.  We make sure all the paperwork is in order, from commercial invoices to  insurance. Without proper documentation your package may be refused, sent straight back to you, or, worst case, destroyed by the receiving country.  The last thing you want is to receive an "access denied" message.

 We produce all the required paperwork to have your package clear access through customs, subject to different national rules. We send this documentation to the carrier and country for you. Many times your package has cleared customs before it even gets to the country, thanks to computerized processing.

Above and beyond customer services

DHL shipping

We strive to provide our customers access to the best international delivery services and support possible, including DHL Express. We pack, track and insure your packages, research service availability with our DHL Express account, provide full documentation services on what is shipped, allow you to access tracking services for your shipments, and more. Contact us today.

We are your international delivery experts

  • Shipping to over 220 countries on seven continents
  • Multi-carrier shipping options
  • International packing service
  • International documentation
  • Professional customer service


Have A Question About DHL Express International Shipping?

Call 845-483-7447 to ask specific questions about your DHL Express shipment or to get a free quote. To track a DHL shipment, visit our Tracking Page. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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