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We specialize in shipping computers

At Shipping Place & More, we specialize in taking on the tough tasks, such as packing and shipping laptops and other delicate electronic equipment and gear. Our professional packaging experts are experienced in matching the right corrugated cartons to the items and using the best possible materials to protect each high value electronic device and other fragile components that require specialized packaging. When we pack and ship any electronics for you, we guarantee it for insurability.

Shipping electronics

Over the years, the staff at Shipping Place & More have safely and securely shipped televisions, telephones, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, e-readers, cameras, audio systems, DVD players, cable boxes, video game consoles and controls, technical devices, business equipment, medical instruments, and even Geiger counters.

If it has batteries, cords, or an “on” switch, it’s probably electronic and needs extra-special handling when it is time to ship these kinds of packages.

Shipping computers

In 2020, manufacturers and other distributors shipped more than 300 million laptop  and desktop computers around the world. Undoubtedly a certain percentage of packages will be damaged in transit to customers. To ship an item like a laptop computer requires special care.

For the typical consumer wanting to send a family computer to a student away to college, the risk of shipping a computer can be intimidating. Not everyone still has the computer's original packaging or permanent bond tape. That's where the Shipping Place & More staff can ease customers' minds with their outstanding shipment services for electronics.

corrugated carton shipping

Keys to success

At the Shipping Place & More, we know the keys to safe computer shipping, starting with using the strongest corrugated cartons in the proper package size for the shipment. We don't just wrap some bubble wrap around them, pack them up in a box,  and hope for the best. We have a complete inventory of foam and filler packing materials to cushion laptops or hard drives and monitors, and we take care to properly pack their cords, accessories and batteries in the box as well.

We make sure that your equipment can't move around in the box. The shipment needs to survive being dropped up to three feet, according to the policies of shipping services such as a FedEx or UPS store. There are many types of electronics that can benefit from the same careful packaging and extra padding, including televisions and audiovisual equipment.

More than packing peanuts

Our packaging materials  for high value electronics can include a wide variety of package tools, ranging from a particularly heavy box to a  plastic bag for protection against moisture to water-activated  tape to seal all seams. We keep up with shipping industry news for the latest packing materials and shipping requirements for air transit, trucking, and international shipping services.

Moving truck -- or specialized electronics shipping?

If your company is considering a move, you may want to consider giving each electronic device in your office specialized protection with the right box and  packaging method designed to prevent costly damages. The Shipping Place & More is an independently owned center with reasonable pricing, outstanding customer service, and the right materials for your business shipment.

Using our services for high value and high priority office equipment could save your company time and money on your next move. Your shipment of computers could be ready and waiting for your arrival.

Shipping electronic devices

electronics shipping computer

When we pack and ship electronics for you, we want you to know when your boxes have safely arrived at their destination.  In addition to our professional package preparation, we provide a tracking number so you can track your shipment online. We cover all the bases with extra attention to each label, insurance coverage, and shipping requirements for fragile electronics components and other sensitive equipment.

Fragile and delicate medical equipment and laboratory supplies need to receive extra-special care. For instance, we put a lot of tape on the edges and seams to protect the contents from spilling it out if the package were to come open in transit. We are dedicated to keeping the contents of each box safe.  Most people thing outside the box.  At Shipping Place & More we think inside the box also.

Shipping electronics for sale

A big part of our business is helping customers package and ship computers and other fragile technical equipment to send out for eBay sales, Craigslist sales and other online selling venues. To keep their positive user ratings, these customers are very concerned that their packages arrive safely and in a timely manner. We can work with them to select the right carriers for the precious cargo.

laptop shipping

Professional help for shipping electronic devices

When you want to ship electronics, you can trust the experienced, skilled shipping professionals at Shipping Place & More. We have the bubble wrap,  packing peanuts, and other packaging materials to withstand any rough handling carriers might "throw" at them.

The goal is that your electronics are protected from any shocks and vibrations during the journey. The staff at Shipping Place & More are expertly trained in all aspects of packaging, and we specialize in electronics  shipping. And if we pack your electronics for you, we guarantee it for insurability.


Need more information about electronics shipping ?

For packing and shipping electronics in Hyde Park, NY, visit the friendly experts at Shipping Place & More. Stop by our store and chat! We can share tips on organizing the contents of your package and tips on what to remember. Call us at 845-483-7447 or send us a message to get a quote on shipping your valuable electronics.

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