Packing FAQs

Why can't I ship my package wrapped in brown paper?

The small pack system is designed to ship boxes or packages wrapped in heavy plastic, tyvek, padded or bubble envelopes.  We have had drivers refuse to take packages wrapped in paper.  If the paper gets caught on something it is only a few seconds before another package hits.  This occur again and again.  Ultimately, the paper will be ripped off the package.  The paper and the package will never meet again.  We must then file a claim.  We are trying to avoid the problem before it occurs.

What is double boxing?

Double boxing is when your item is packed into a box and this box is put into a larger box.  The larger, outer box, is usually a minimum of  two inches larger than the inner box on all six sides, top, bottom and four sides.  The outer box can have more than two inches of padding but the "text book" definition of double boxing is at least two inches larger than the inner box.

Why is my item being double boxed?

Double boxing drastically reduces the chances of your item(s) being damaged during shipment.  Double boxing is implemented tradionally for fragile or high declared value item(s).

Why is my laptop being put in a laptop box?

We received letters from the carriers and our insurance company, many years ago, stating if a laptop is not packed and shipped in a laptop box then the laptop is not insurable.  We have been using laptop boxes since receiving those letters.  As of the time of this writting, we have had no claims on laptops being damaged during shipment when using our laptop boxes.

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