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Are you planning a bike vacation in a different country? Entering a bike race in San Francisco? Shipping a bicycle to your son at college in North Carolina? Do you sell bikes to cyclists? We are experts in shipping bicycles, no matter what your reason. For many cyclists, shipping bikes makes sense: people like the luxury and comfort of getting to ride their own bike instead renting a bike at their destination. The packing and bicycle shipping experts at Shipping Place & More know how bicycles need to be packed for safe shipment or travel.

We have the right bike box for your bike

bicycle shipping box

Shipping Place & More stocks a number of different bike shipping boxes. The box we will pick for you is no ordinary cardboard box, but a bicycle shipping box designed for a bumpy ride inside a UPS or FedEx truck. It needs to survive other transit challenges, which can include a drop of up to three feet, according to carrier requirements. Before your favorite bicycle can arrive at the FedEx or UPS store for pick up or wherever its destination, that cardboard box has to protect your bike and save it from damage. It all starts with the right bike box.

Preparing for bicycle shipping service

bicycle packing

Shipping a bicycle is a process. Most bikes will have to be disassembled to some degree, whether you are shipping a road bike, mountain bike, racing bike, or any kind of bicycle. You don’t need to take apart the entire thing, just enough so it fits safely in the box.  It is typical to remove the bicycle's handle bars, wheels, seat and pedals.  Fully assembled, a bike is usually too large to qualify for UPS or FedEx to ship or to fly with you in the bike boxes required by most airlines.

To have a box that would hold a fully assembled bike and have adequate space for padding for protection would put your bike in the trucking freight category, with means higher cost and more time. In some cases, a bike needs to be shipped in two boxes: one for the wheels and the other for the frame, pedals, and rest of the parts.  

Shipping Place & More: Bike shipping done right

When you need to ship your bicycle for an on-time delivery with all the pieces still in good working order, come by Shipping Place & More. We know how to break-down your bike and pack it the way it should be. For instance, we take the handle bars off the frame, but for convenience in re-assembly, we do not take the cables off the handle bars. We wrap the handle bars with foam or bubble wrap and let them dangle inside the box with the cable still attached to both the bike frame and handle bars. 

We secure any moving parts, such as the rear wheel or crank, and then wrap each bike so that there is no metal-on-metal or metal-on-carbon friction in the bike's long shipping journey. We take care when loading a bike into its box to make sure it is properly cushioned and no pieces can scratch any other pieces. At Shipping Place & More, we’ll do it right and get it there when you want it—all for the right price.

Whichever shipping option you go for, consider spending a little extra to protect your bicycle. When we pack your bike for transit, we offer insurance and protection plans that will give you peace of mind about your bike.

Consider getting help from a local bike shop after you arrive

bicycle assembly help

Because your bike was partially disassembled to fit into its bike box, it will need to be put together. If you are shipping the bike for that dream biking vacation in Oregon or headed to a big road race, we recommend that you don't take chances on proper re-assembly. Some people choose to have their bike shipped to a local bike shop at their destination, so that it can be professionally re-assembled while they are flying to their destination. This helps save time: the bike is ready to roll when they arrive.

Unless you are a veteran bike expert who can take one apart and rebuild it blindfolded in the dark, consider getting professional help. If you do want to put your bike together yourself, of course, be sure to have the right tools packed in the bike box or your luggage

Common mistakes in bike shipping

bicycle shipping

At Shipping Place & More, we spend extra time to avoid typical mistakes in bike shipping. Here are some common concerns to keep in mind when you want to pack and ship your bike:

  1. Improper packing. The biggest problem carriers see with the typical bike shipment is cyclists not packing for the maximum protection of their bicycle. For instance, bubble wrap or packing paper can prevent the end of a front wheel axle from putting a dent or hole in some other part of the bike. We carefully pad and protect the tubes and derailleurs to avoid contact during transit.
  2. Not planning ahead. If you're vacationing on a schedule and you need to have your bicycle waiting for you when you arrive, then it is risky to wait too long to get your bike to Shipping Place & More for packing. Not only is next day delivery very expensive for bikes, increasing instances of severe weather delays and unseen shipping conditions are a concern these days. It is wise to pack your bike and get the shipment on its way a day or two early than risk it coming late after your bike tour or race has started.

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Shipping Place & More: Bicycle shipping service experts

We are definitely in the business of shipping bikes and are very happy that a number of our bike shipping service customers have recommended us to other cyclists interested in shipping bikes. From bike disassembly to having your bike boxes ready to go for the local FedEx Office pickup, we pay attention to more details than you might know. Considering what is behind shipping a bike, the total price is in line with the several services that come into play and competitive costs for shipping a bike. We don't want to offer the cheapest way; we want to ship your bike right. Contact us or stop by the shop at 3979 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, NY. For prices on shipping a bike, call us at 845-483-7447 or email us a message by clicking below. We look forward to working with you!

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