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Wine Shipping in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: We ship wine

If you need to get a special case of wine to your parents' anniversary or surprise a new 21-year-old with bottles of wine from your favorite winery, the staff at Shipping Place & More can make it happen. We have the right packing materials and the expertise to ensure that your fine wines make it to their destination.

Trust us for your next shipment of wine

When you want to ship wine, come to Shipping Place & More. We’ll make sure your shipment and shipping method meets all legal requirements. Wine bottles must be packed in a container designed for shipping wine. Our packing strategy is to minimize movement to protect the fragile bottles on their way to their designated shipping address.

Shipping and processing

wine shipping

Some people ask for their box to be shipped via ground transportation.  Some prefer expedited service, which gives you different shipping options: one business day or two to three business days. We can also offer same-day delivery to local addresses. Ground service will allow you to specify a delivery date, but not a time of day. Expedited service will ensure that your wine is not waiting in some warehouse and will ensure delivery by a specific date. In some cases, you can expect the delivery to arrive at or before a specific time. This is important because an adult will need to sign for the delivery of the box or boxes.

When your wine arrives at the shipping address

When your package arrives at its destination, a valid signature of an adult (age 21 or older) is required. In most cases, the carrier will attempt delivery three business days in a row (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays). If no one over the age of 21 is present to sign for and accept the box on any of these attempts, the package will be returned to Shipping Place & More. You will be contacted about the failed delivery.

Sometimes you can't order wine online...

You may think that any wine is just a click away on a website, but that's not the case. Certain limited edition wines, local wines, small-batch wines that you picked up at out-of-state wineries: in some cases wines simply will not be available online for shipping. These treasures will not be appearing on some website drop-down menu or online fulfillment centers.

You may have had to search different wineries for just the right varietal wine before making your purchase. You may have six bottles of your favorite Cabernet Franc in your wine cellar that you want to share with a few guys from your fraternity. Whatever the reason, we help each customer get their specially selected bottles safely on their way at a reasonable cost.

Wine is a winner as a gift

One advantage when you ship wine through Shipping Place & More is that you can add a personal touch to your gift by enclosing just the right greeting card in the shipment -- and you can't go wrong when you shop for cards in our store. We have one of the best selection of greetings cards in the area. If you could rank gifts that people actually wanted to receive, bottles of wine would be best sellers!

Considerations for wine

wine shipping crate

As wine shippers, the staff at our store are serious about shipping options, including preventing champagne bottles from exploding and preparing beverages for delivery during the summer months. Customers often note that we spend a lot of time ensuring that your bottles don't break in their box during transit. We spare no cost when we purchase top quality boxes and wrapping materials to keep each bottle safe. Items purchased for a gift are very special, but we maintain the same high standards for all customers. We have no minimum for shipping, whether you send one bottle or a case. We may recommend an additional charge for insurance on your delivery.

Knowing the laws for shipping wine

At Shipping Place & More, we do the research so you don't have to. We’ll make sure your shipment meets legal requirements. Imagine you've fallen in love with a Pinot Noir at a small French vineyard in the Burgundy region and you intended to ship a case of it back home in New York. However, shipping alcohol from country to country can become complicated. You have to make sure the wine shipment can be legally shipped to your home.

Ignoring the laws can have consequences

Shipping non-perishable food is fairly simple, but not knowing the laws about sending wine can result in your expensive wine getting "quarantined," seized and destroyed. State laws vary based on all kinds of issues. For instance, did you know that it is illegal to receive wine shipments in Mississippi?

The typical customer

wine shipping

Really, there is no average customer using our wine shipping services. Some people ship wine for business purposes. For instance, they may be sending sample bottles of wine to retailers to let them know of a special promotion. Wine connoisseurs trust the experts at Shipping Place & More when they need rare wines shipped to an auction house. Family and friends like to send wine and food as gifts. Shipping a gift of a couple champagne bottles would be a hit in many social circles!

We do not ship beer or liquor

Note: Shipping Place & More does not ship beer or alcohol of any type besides wine. Our wine boxes and wine shipment options are strictly for bottles of wine.

Shipping Place & More: Wine shipping experts

We have been shipping all kinds of wines for retailers and consumers from all over the Hyde Park area for many years. Our packages arrive safely and we offer fair prices in our shop. We pay attention to the details and we accept cash, credit cards, and local checks at checkout.

Contact us with your questions

Stop by the store at 3979 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, New York, to learn more. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information on our wine shipping services or for a free quote, call us at 845-483-7447 or send us a message to request a quote.

Have A Question About Wine Shipping?

For more information on our wine shipping services, call us at 845-483-7447 or send us a message to request a quote.

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