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Printing Services

The Shipping Place & More continually surprises customers with our wide range of printing services and the excellent quality of our printed materials. From creating your everyday black and white pieces or business cards to producing beautiful color prints and direct mail pieces, our printing professionals help ensure your print products will leave a good impression.  We want to be your printer.

Printing to fit your needs

Some people may ask, "What do you mean by printing?" or "What is printing and types of printing?" Today printing covers a huge variety of products! Whether we are looking at online printing, business printing, photography services, stickers, display prints, or more, printing is an important part of building a brand.

We approach each printing job with your needs in mind and attention to your budget and timeframe. Our staff provides personal attention to the details of your print job, whether they are postcards or posters, brochures or booklets.  We also can help with custom online printing and digital printing to upload. Contact us, by phone or online, to get started with your specialized printing needs.

Personal printing

So often, we get our inspiration from our creative customers! Whether people need yard signs, greeting cards, personalized postcards, or invitations, we like helping them customize their print jobs. We can help people on site, in our store, or online -- and we can help them save cash on what they purchase. Sometimes they need a template for a project, sometimes they are creating a travel log.

Office printing

office printing services

We work with hundreds of business customers each year on printing needs for their company. Of course, we  print -- and help create -- high quality business cards, but that is just the beginning of our in store business printing services. Direct mail is a specialty and we have printed everything from discount coupons, stickers, and labels to beautiful full-color flyers and brochures.  Even in today's world of online business communications, direct mail works and is an easy delivery method for more information about your business.

Management needs

Running your company, building your brand and reaching the right market requires a variety of print materials. Some business customers use rack cards to promote their services; others look for a stand for flyers, booklets, or printed coupons with discounts. Some of our office customers turn to us for internal print projects, such as stickers, a template with a logo for company forms, or an expense log book.

We have generous minimum purchase allowances for in store discounts. With our many delivery options, we can supply multiple locations when your company has more than one site.

Promotional products

Our talented staff can help you research interesting promotional products for your business. These could range from holiday greeting cards or logo pens to attractive cases for business cards and yard signs advertising your company.

Printed gifts

You may not think of The Shipping Place &  More as a place to shop for interesting gifts, but we can help you create and customize a present that will leave a great impression. Think about ordering t-shirts with a special image. Consider a home decor item such as canvas prints that showcase favorite images. We can use an image that is online that we can upload or we can scan in images to use for t-shirts or canvas prints. We have an app for y0ur phone which allows us to direct your images directly to our printers.  Some people create calendars full of pictures for printing; others create sets of greeting cards with full color images for a special present. Stop by the store for inspiration and more information soon.

Display printing

When you want promotional display pieces that leave a lasting impression, come by our store for a look at our in store collection of samples, including full color posters, signs,  promotional products, prints, and photos for your inspiration.  Before we print, you can look at the details on the screen and we can upload the design online for other purposes as well.

When you are ready to focus on how you would like to best present your business, we are here to  help you find the right look for your image and logo. When you are considering the purchase of multiple office documents, such as posters or prints, check with the staff about minimum purchase discounts and see how we can save you cash. We can help you save money and we also offer delivery of some orders.

graphic design services

Custom online printing

With today's technology and printer capacities, we  can work with graphic designers, both in store and freelance, on custom printing needs.

Direct mail

Customers keep coming back to us for the quality of our direct mail projects. We select the right paper in store for your office job, whether you need flyers or booklets or prints. We keep up with postage and size considerations and can help you customize how your business builds its brand.  Your business needs to build its brand and our office specialists can help.

Minimum purchase

We offer generous minimum purchase pricing, often at lower minimums than what you can find at other printers. Our office is dedicated to helping you save on your multiple copy jobs.

Fax services

fax sending services

Fax machines -- what used to be an office necessity -- are not as plentiful as they once were. When you need to fax materials, stop by our shop and our office can help.

Digital printing

This term covers a wide variety of print projects. What is print in computer? Not all paper prints or printouts from your office printer are going to have the quality of work that comes from a professional print shop business. Send us your file and we will likely have it ready for you to pick up today.

Copying services

Need a single copy or 1,000 copies, we are here to help.  Where can you print for cheap? We offer the most competitive prices in town.

Business cards

business card printing

On the smaller end of our printing spectrum, but not any less important, we can print your business cards, and help you design it, if need be! We can even help you come up with custom shapes and sizes for a truly eye-catching card that everyone will remember. If you're looking for a job, we will help you print your resume and cover letter, to go along with your new business card.

Document finishing services 

For that finishing touch to give your printed materials a truly professional look, we also provide document finishing services that tie up everything nicely. This can include collating, binding, or stapling pages together for you. Lamination can be a professional touch on a project or report. We can also help print out a cover for that presentation that is vitally important to you.

Design for print products

We also offer our services in guiding you through the design of many of these products, as we are aware of the importance of layout of documents that can make or break your business. When it comes to making sure your office or personal documents stand out without showing off, we are happy to help you with the graphic design.  Let us help you develop something that tells people who and what you are.

large format printing

Large format printing

We offer in store printing in many sizes . We can print your banner, sign or posters for you. No project is too small or too big and frequently we can save you money. We can offer our larger format printing services on a range of materials, including canvas, window vinyl, indoor or outdoor vinyl banner, gift wrapping paper, wall adhesive or paper. We carry all of these in 24 and 36 inch widths. We can even help enlarge a photo if you so desire, to make sure that it will show up just right.

Signs and banners

We can print a banner for you today. In most cases, we are ready to print it for you and have it ready before closing. Need a collage of photos for a poster or banner? No problem. Send us up to 16 photos online or drop them off in person.  After you place them where you want, we can print it on any of our wide selection of materials.

One-Stop shop

For all of your printing needs, come to  The Shipping Place &  More. Not only do we offer top-notch print work, we can help with mailing out your items, whether it's picking the right overnight delivery service for your needs or calculating postage. As a bonus, if you are unable to physically come to the store, you can email us what you want printed or upload it online  and we can ship the finished product to you. Let's talk soon!


Print and Document Services in Hyde Park FAQs

What range of printing services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of printing services, including business cards, color prints, direct mail pieces, yard signs, greeting cards, personalized postcards, invitations, flyers, brochures, and more.

Can you help with personal printing projects?

Absolutely! We love helping customers with personal printing projects like yard signs, greeting cards, and travel logs. We can assist you in-store or online.

Can you assist with promotional products for my business?

Our talented staff can help you research and create promotional products like holiday greeting cards, logo pens, business card cases, and yard signs.

What options do you have for display printing?

We offer a variety of display printing options, including full-color posters, signs, promotional products, prints, and photos.

Can you handle custom online printing?

With today's technology, we can work with graphic designers on custom printing needs, both in-store and online.

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