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Shipping Place & More: Authorized drop-off site for your packages

Shipping Place & More has earned official authorization as an approved shipper for FedEx, DHL, UPS, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Hyde Park, NY. We are honored to have this distinction and the ability to accept packages from our customers. Being able to save time for our clients is what we like to do best.

Convenient drop box for account holders

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If you or your company already have accounts with FedEx, UPS, or DHL, you are in luck. If you have a valid account with one of those carriers, you can drop off your ready-for-shipping letter or package at our location—at no additional charge.  (Any additional packaging, taping or labeling that may be needed to properly protect your shipment may require additional fees.)

We do not charge any money for the convenience of using our drop off services. Just complete your pre-printed shipping label and bring your package or overnight letter to drop off with us. We have regular pickup and delivery service for each of these carriers every day except Sunday. Your boxes will start their journey to their designated locations that very night.

Post office functions at a convenient location

Consider us your friendly U.S. Postal Service (USPS) post office. Instead of waiting in line at a USPS retail counter, bring your USPS packages to go out overnight, priority mail, or regular mail. We offer the same services as post offices, including selling postage stamps, providing USPS priority mail and overnight mailing boxes, and even renting out private mailboxes similar to USPS mailboxes.

Why it matters to be an authorized package drop off location

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We pride ourselves on fast, professional packing and shipping services, but we need our partners to help provide the best delivery options to our customers. For instance, with FedEx (Federal Express), Shipping Place & More is included in all online directories of authorized package drop boxes. As a designated drop off site, we can handle any FedEx package or envelope for shipping (excluding hazardous materials). We can not access your account and can not produce shipping labels for you from your account. We do have computers our customers use to logon to their FedEx account and do what ever is needed (there are an additional fees for computer time, printing or other services you require). Most any package with a valid FedEx label we can process for you. We will then start the pack on its travels to the desired destination. We also receive full support from FedEx Customer Service representatives who are dedicated to their business-building alliance between pack-and-ship retailers and FedEx.

We accept ready-for-shipment letters and packages for:


Shipping Place & More: Your drop off location

We are indeed "more" with a whole menu of services from copying, faxing, and shredding to managing complex print jobs and packaging valuable artwork. We are glad to offer authorized package drop off services -- and we can even work with you on box and package pickup from other locations. Throughout it all, we work to save our customers money on their package drop off and delivery needs. Call 845-483-7447 today to learn more about package drop off options. Or click the button below to send an email message. We look forward to seeing you soon at our store at 3979 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, NY!

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