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Packaging & Moving Supplies in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: Professional packing supplies center

The professionals at Shipping Place & More are able to box, pack and ship almost anything to almost anywhere. To accommodate whatever belongings and "stuff" our customers bring in, we stock over 70 different styles and sizes of packing boxes every single day. We also stock four different types of bubble wrap,® foam, styrofoam peanuts, rigid Styrofoam, three different types of stretch wrap, four different types of shipping tape, glass tape, glassine (acid free paper), regular and bubble envelopes, and more.

At Shipping Place & More we use these items on a daily basis to make sure our customers’ valuable items are properly prepared for their journey.

Do-it-Yourself Packing Supplies

packaging supplies

For those who prefer to do their own packing, we recommend that the job be done right with the proper packing supplies. Stop by Shipping Place & More and pick up what you need from one of the largest inventory of packing supplies in New York. Here are some of the packing supplies we have on hand:

  • Many different types of tape ranging from 2 inches wide x 800 inches in length to 3 inches wide x 330 feet in length
  • 4 types of bubble wrap® packaged in 15, 30 and 60 square-foot increments
  • Paper envelopes
  • Plastic envelopes and paper envelopes lined with bubble padding
  • Stay flat envelopes and photo mailers
  • 3 -inch and 18-inch stretch wrap
  • Foam cushioning
  • 4 foot x 8 foot cardboard sheets
  • 5 foot x 8 foot cardboard sheets
  • Tape guns
  • Wine shipping boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes

Packing boxes in stock

packing supplies

Our standard-strength cubical boxes range in size from 6 to 24 inches on a side, in increments of 2 inches. In addition to standard-strength boxes, we carry double-walled cubical boxes from 16 to 30 inches on a side. These stronger cubes are also available in increments of two inches on a side.

We also have a wide variety of other sizes and shapes. Our non-cubical box sizes include 8 x 6 x 5 inches, wardrobe boxes measuring 24 x 20 x 46 inches; picture frame boxes measuring up to 36 x 5 x 30 inches and 54 x 8 x 28 (bicycle box), just to name a few.

Save money with the right size box

electronics computer packing

Do you know what “dimensional weight” is? It’s a pricing method that the average shipping company uses to charge you for the size of your package, in addition to the package weight. If you don’t use the correct box size, you may be paying (a lot) more than you need to. Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park, NY, has a box to fit almost anything — we’ll make sure you get the right one!

Custom box making

custom box making

Unlike many shipping companies, we can custom make a moving or storage box to fit almost anything a customer brings in. We can construct a sturdy container custom made for your belongings. As an independently owned and operated store, Shipping Place & More offers customer services at our location that you won't find elsewhere.

We are surprised sometimes at how far a customer may travel for our custom box and custom crate business in Hyde Park -- they come in from Farmingdale, Hicksville, and other places on Long Island, New York, and even Queens and throughout the New York City area.

Rely on our team

We have a great supply of packing materials for domestic or international shipping. If you are packing your own items for shipping or preparing for a move to a new location, we invite you and your family to buy packing supplies to use at your home or the office. However, many people choose to have the packing and wrapping done by our customer services team of packing specialists. We are experts in protecting items from breakage when loading or in transport by truck, plane, boat or railroad.

The good news is that when we pack your items for shipment in our store, they can be guaranteed for insurance purposes. Not moving, but need better storage solutions for your stuff? Our staff can also get your belongings packed efficiently for storage in whatever box or container will work for your room.

Quantity discounts

Do you have a large move and can’t find packing materials in local stores? If you are loading up a whole truck with items from your family, you may need a lot of boxes and packing materials. At our Hyde Park, NY, store, we can custom-order large quantities and offer bundle pricing on large orders to help you pack. It's part of our commitment to customer service.

First choice store

Shipping Place & More in Hyde Park, NY, is the first choice for many people when it comes to buying boxes and other packaging products. With our complete one-stop shop services, we can get your items ready for loading to ship anywhere from local to international destinations.

We’re focused on providing you with a complete service solution, including packing delicate items, electronics, and large items so that they will be guaranteed for damage insurance. It doesn’t matter if you need items packed and shipped across town or across the country -- our store is ready to to provide the services you need.

Shipping Place & More

Stop by our store in Hyde Park, NY, to shop for packing and moving supplies. Even people from New York City and Long Island contact us or visit our location for materials to pack items for moving or storage. The store is located at 3979 Albany Post Rd, Hyde Park, New York; our office hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Mon- Fri, and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Sat.

Call our Hyde Park store for a free quote on moving or shipping boxes and packaging supplies. We'd be happy to describe our packing services as well. Call 845-483-7447 if you have any questions about our packaging and moving supplies selection. Or click on the button below to contact us with a message.

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