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Document Scanning in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More specializes in document scanning

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of converting years of documents to digital files. At Shipping Place & More, our document scanning and imaging services can transform your paper piles into text-searchable digital images. Instead of dealing with large volumes of physical documents in file cabinets or off-site storage, your documents can be filed digitally online or to a DVD or flash drive.

Digital documents

Does the thought of a paperless office appeal to you? Can you imagine being able to access important work documents, invoices, images, and other files from your mobile device? What would easy access do to your workflow and business processes? Through digital document scanning, that dream can be a reality at Shipping Place & More. With our document scanning software and advanced document imaging equipment, you can convert your file cabinets full of paper  to  easy-to-manage digitized content available on your phone, tablet, computer or other device.

Save time and money

At Shipping Place & More, scanning in your paper documents will save time in part because you and your team can find them faster. You will also save money by reclaiming valuable office space and reducing paper costs. And you can  avoid a lot of headaches by handing your project over to the professionals at Shipping Place & More. They  can turn your project around quickly and accurately.

Document scanning software

To capture and digitize old and new documents is not an easy task. For starters, you must have  the current version of the right software, whether you go with Adobe pdf scan imaging, optical character recognition software, or other document scanning programs. Next you need to upgrade to a reliable, high-volume, "industrial-strength" scanner with additional features to scan a single page or multiple pages to be stored online or into your designated computer or device.

Not the time for do-it-yourself

Particularly important to the document scanning process is having people you can trust to manage the  digital scanning workflow. They must be accurate and technologically proficient to use a sophisticated scanner and  download materials onto the Web or other storage applications. You also want a user who will protect the company and use discretion when they capture the contents of secure documents.  When you're ready to convert your documents, it's time to contact the professionals at Shipping Place & More.

Focus on future, not past

Today, more than ever, all sorts of documents, from receipts to files about employees, need to be retained for legal and tax purposes until a specific date.  When you digitize all these physical documents, you can relax, knowing that these important records are saved online in the cloud or on easy-to-transport disks or drives. No more worry about losing a box of important documents or maintaining costly storage space for archives! You are creating a better business process for shared information, giving everyone time to focus on the big picture for your company's future.

document scanning cloud

Image file advantages

When you turn your hard copies into electronic files, the document scanners make it so much easier to  organize and share documents with others. Your remote employees can almost instantly access the images  from wherever they are.  When the files are in the cloud, any of your employees or stakeholders can access documents on their mobile devices through Internet Explorer or other browsers.

Personal document scanning

The advantages of document scanning are not limited to business applications. Individuals come into Shipping Place & More to be able to save and share an important document,  image, or page. They can preserve memories with our photo scanning service and send a pdf of the image to friends and relatives.  We can also save your photos as JPGs, PNGs or other types of files.  Legal documents, real estate papers, tax information, and more information of importance can be scanned and kept. Some people capture store receipts to help with bookkeeping; others scan in all their business cards so they can quickly contact repair service people  and others.

Optical character recognition

The beauty of OCR technology is the way it simplifies the search for information. When a document is  scanned and converted into a digitized file, the OCR software technology enables the typed material to be more easily searchable. With a few OCR keywords, you can quickly search for and access digital documents related to your search.

Fast and convenient scanning

With our versatile professional scanners, the staff at Shipping Place & More can scan in a wide variety of documents and images, turning hard copies into electronic documents that are easy to access. Whether you scan engineering drawings or architectural blueprints, children's paintings to vintage photographs, these scanners quickly and conveniently save a wide range of files to easily organize and share. Our team is extensively trained to use the latest technology processes to provide you the fastest, most accurate scans possible for you when you need them.

document scanning

Scanning equipment

At Shipping Place & More, we scan documents  in various file formats, including adobe, pdf or jpeg files, and various image sizes to suit your commercial or individual needs.  At our store, we can capture documents and convert them to digital formats, using a conventional flat-bed scanner and ADF (auto document feeder) scanners.

Document safety

While you save money by digitizing your files and avoiding the cost of storing all that paper, you are also saving important documents from potential damage and loss. In the past, years of important documents and records could be quickly wiped out by fires, floods or other natural disasters. Files could be misplaced or stolen whether they were stored in warehouses or basements. Documents could be removed from file boxes and never returned or could be lost in office or personal moves.

Fortunately, today we have reliable scanning services that are more secure and more cost-effective than cardboard boxes and walls of filing cabinets.

Scanning for security

 Digital images of records not only cut down on space and keep documents safe from fire or water damage. When you scan documents, you also hide them from prying eyes. With password-protected files, business scanning services are a cost-effective way to protect confidential and sensitive documents.

Increasing efficiency

Having access to digital copies of documents saves an incredible amount of time lost searching for hard copy materials like contracts, financial statements, memos, and other documents. Some sources say that you can even double your company's business productivity with a professionally prepared digital document storage system for all of the business records that require safekeeping. These scanned digital files can then be stored electronically instead of having to access physical copies.

Instead of dealing with file cabinets or off-site storage, your scanned documents can be filed digitally online or on a DVD or flash drive.


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