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No fax machine at home?

We can help!

Shipping Place & More provides prompt and affordable incoming and outgoing fax services for business and personal use. It is part of our full-service, one-stop shop including packing, shipping, document printing, mailbox rentals and other services. You can use our faxing service to send and receive also: just give our fax number to anyone wishing to send you a fax and we'll have it ready and we can send you a verification email. Just think - can the best online fax services compete with that convenience?

When you need faxing services

The professionals at Shipping Place & More know that most of us don't send faxes regularly. However,  any of us can have the need for an occasional fax sent over a fax machine.  When you need to hit send an outbound fax to trusted partners for financial matters or you expect to be receiving faxes from a business, the Shipping Place & More is your go-to place for affordable and fast fax service.

Shipping Place & More fax services

When faxing service is called for, we go above and beyond internet faxing, online fax services or mobile apps for mobile devices. Your paperwork is too important to rely on a web portal for sending faxes. We take a strong customer service approach to the faxing process.

  • Incoming and outgoing local faxing
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic faxing
  • Incoming and outgoing international fax
  • Satellite fax number sending

fax receiving

Expecting a fax?

Have it sent to Shipping Place & More! Give our fax number 845-483-7407 to your business associates, family and friends. Make sure they include your name and local contact number or email and we’ll notify you whenever a fax comes in.


When the Shipping Place & More is sending a fax, we always give you a printed confirmation indicating the fax has been received. We use the latest high-speed, quality fax equipment to ensure your cover page and faxes arrive quickly and crisply. There is no page limit to send faxes: let our staff make sure everything arrived, no matter how many pages you need to send.

Old invention found its place

Remember how popular facsimile machines were a few decades ago? You might not know that the basic concept for a machine capable of facsimile transmission was invented by a mechanic and inventor in Scotland more than a century ago. Alexander Bain patented his device in 1843, just a few years after Samuel Morse invented the first telegraph machine which also depended on groundbreaking developments in the use of electricity. However, it took 140 years for Bain's idea to catch on.

Fax service becomes essential

Fax machines started to appear everywhere in the 1980s. Suddenly every business -- and eventually average consumers -- wanted to be able to send documents and images through their phone lines.  By the late 1990s, U.S. consumers were snapping up over 3 million fax machines a year.  Every small business had a physical fax machine. Business people wondered how we lived without them! People were even adding dedicated fax phone lines at home so that they wouldn't miss out.

Faxing today

Today instant online communications have dramatically shrunk the world of faxes. Many large companies, from international media group to leading digital publisher, will likely still have a fax machine somewhere for multiple users to send and receive faxes. These businesses may have toll free numbers for third parties and business partners and an international number for their global business operations.

Consumer changes

On the other hand, very few homeowners have regular faxing needs these days. Think about it: many private homes no longer have landlines, much less an existing fax number to send faxes . Electronic signatures and our web based interface business processes reduced the need for faxing service. The best online fax services and mobile device gave us a whole new way to send faxes and receive faxes online.

Convenience came with a cost

When you could fax pages from your own fax machine in the comfort of your kitchen or home office, fax service seemed like a breeze. However, you often had to deal with mechanical fax glitches and you had to study how tos and tutorials issues to learn how to send and receive faxes.  Page limits and multiple tiers for paper could be a challenge in feeding pages into the machine. It may have felt like "free faxing," but with paper and toner costs and paid plans for your dedicated fax number, there was no such thing as free pages.

Technology updates

Today online fax service uses Internet protocols to send a fax, rather than rely on a wired telephone connection and fax machine.  The rise of the dedicated mobile app for capturing and sending images and mobile apps that can handle online faxing of documents has been a good thing for people needing to fax pages on the go or from a mobile device. Online fax service and sending documents over a mobile app have changed how corporations and small businesses send breaking news and communicate with customers.

Online fax services - what about printing?

Most online fax services and internet faxing options  have their place, but even the best online fax services can have shortcomings. When you need printed confirmation per page or printouts of pages, online fax service and mobile apps still require you to find a physical printer to print out pages of faxes. You're not in your office or near a printer, expect to pay per page or deal with pricing tiers for printing. Even if printing is "complimentary" at a hotel business center, for instance, you may still deal with page limits on printing faxes that you send and receive.

Online fax service

When we do need to send or receive faxes today, individuals or companies usually choose online faxing or rely on a dedicated mobile app or online faxing services. It's true: a fax number or toll free numbers are no longer needed to send and receive faxes. However, online fax services, even the best online fax services (and any other future brands related to faxes) may not always offer the best way to send a fax or verification of received faxes.

fax transmission

No replacement for a fax machine

No matter what conveniences the best online fax services offer, you still also to establish an online account for faxing on an online fax service or a mobile app. You might have to store documents on Google drive or use a paid service for document storage since you won't have printed documentation with online service. With internet faxing, you need to receive a verification email shortly after you fax a document, but with technology glitches, that email about received faxes doesn't always come through even with the best online fax service or mobile app.

Shipping Place & More: Your fax services partner

Visit us for all your faxing needs! We have a low per-page fax cost and experienced staff to ensure quick service, the accuracy of your recipient's fax number, and any other issues. We follow the best buying advice tech specialists give to ensure our fax machine is up to date with the latest technology to ensure legibility and speed. We want to be your business partner in faxing services.


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