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Direct Mail Marketing in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: One-stop shop for direct mail marketing pieces

Marketing professionals know that they still get a big bang for their buck with direct mail marketing. At Shipping Place & More, we have the expertise and tools to help any marketing team develop and print powerful and effective direct mail marketing pieces. From concept through design and printing and mailing, we want to help you reach new customers and save money on your marketing efforts at the same time.

Direct mail campaigns response rates on the rise

direct mail response

In an era of digital marketing by email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the modern marketer may wonder if the direct mail space on their marketing budget should be left blank. However, based on a year-to-year increase of 190% in prospect response rate for direct mail, the national Data & Marketing Association reported that "Direct mail is still effective, and using it is a game-changer for any serious marketer." Direct mail campaigns remain a vital part of most companies' marketing efforts and sales tools.

Shipping Place & More specializes in producing direct mail

With years of experience in design, printing, production, and mailing, our staff can help your marketing staff develop a comprehensive direct mail marketing campaign. You come up with the concept, call to action, and content and we help you make your marketing campaigns happen. Here are some of our services to customers:

  • Mail piece design
  • Mail piece printing
  • Mailing lists acquisition with area demographics
  • Direct mail postage and mailing
  • Mail campaign delivery
  • Direct mail campaign management, including mailing services
  • "Every Door Direct Mail," a proprietary mail product of the United States Postal Service

Direct mail marketing campaign options

direct mail options

You have so many options in direct mail marketing campaigns. Based on our personal experience, here are some campaign pieces we've seen, based on the industry and the types of business sales. We've also helped nonprofit organizations work on fundraising campaign materials for their particular audience.

  • Direct mail postcards are popular for mail marketing because the customer sees both sides of the mailing and the call to action without having to open an envelope. In addition, postage rates are lower for postcards. A postcard is a good way to announce a new location or contact information, a business success story, or a list of services to clients.
  • A well-written marketing letter is effective in a direct mail campaign for both current customers and new clients. The letter should include a call to action. Coupon codes could be included where appropriate. The letter could also announce the latest news or the availability of product samples, personalized gifts, or other services.
  • A marketing "trifold" direct mail piece that is enhanced with professional design can focus on photographs, customer testimonies, . These one-page mailers do not cost a great deal, but potential customers often hold on to them for a while.
  • A multi-page brochure is among the more impressive direct mail tools in a marketing campaign. A business can create and print a comprehensive marketing piece that could include all their services, success stories, sales information, website address, contact information, delivery details, and more.

Going above and beyond to help you create a strong campaign

Among our services is graphic design for virtually any printed materials. Regardless of your industry or audience, we can help you create attractive and eye-catching campaign pieces for your business. Our staff is trained to help you create documents to mail or use in your store, with a focus on designing for easy readability and maximum impact. Additional services include in-house printing of direct mail pieces for your campaign. Other direct mail companies may work on just design or just content for a particular audience, but we offer comprehensive direct mail campaign services.

Direct mail campaign vs. digital marketing

direct mail pamphlets

Sure, a good-quality marketing postcard or brochure may be more expensive than an email, but direct mail campaigns with a good call to action to the target audience can deliver new prospects and clients at a comparably higher rate than some electronic marketing strategies. As paid search costs increase for website marketing to the right audience and potential customers experience online communications fatigue, direct mail begins to make sense to drive traffic to your website or business. People are more and more likely to ignore your email marketing message or other forms of social media simply because digital communications have become so chaotic, overwhelming, and out of control: it’s easier to delete than read.

Direct mail marketing: Making a comeback

Direct mail marketing has been around for decades, so many people view it as "old school," but in fact, direct mail is making a major comeback as a marketing and communications tool with a good return on investment. Data shows that the delivery of a timely, eye-catching direct mail piece to someone's home, business, or post office box is going to help companies reach a new customer base. Think about it: according to recent data, on a weekly basis, people in the United States receive an average of 605 emails, but only an average of about 17 pieces of mail. That's about 1 piece of mail to every 36 emails. Direct mail business is paying off with a higher customer open rate: 90 percent of direct mail pieces are opened, but only between 20 and 30 percent of emails.

Direct mail marketing costs

While nothing beats a handwritten note to customers, direct mail marketing can be a cost-effective component in your marketing campaign. Direct mail marketing, in conjunction with messages across other channels, can give companies a marketing edge. At a relatively low cost to print and mail to the right mailing lists, printed direct mail marketing pieces are reaping rewards for direct mail companies and their customers.

The power of the mail

Remember, the US Postal Service delivers mail to every address in the country, six days a week. Through this extensive mail system, they are able to deliver marketing materials efficiently and effectively to virtually everyone in the country. Sometimes marketers make the common mistakes of limiting their campaigns to electronic marketing, but mail services represent one of the most important tools for success in your marketing campaigns.

Shipping Place & More: Looking forward to helping you

The expert employees at Shipping Place & More look forward to working with you on your next direct mail campaign. Note that a campaign of printed pieces designed for your particular audience isn't always a business proposition. We also help schools, churches, synagogues, and other organizations produce materials for a fund-raising or membership campaign that is appropriate for their unique audience. We understand how to use direct mail to your best advantage for marketing and messaging while keeping a tight grip on your budget.

Have a question about direct mail marketing?

Reach out to us for more information about how we can help you with your next marketing campaign. Call 845-483-7447 or click the button below to email us a message. We’ll help you use “old school” direct mail to generate “new money” results.

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