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Computer Rental and Internet in Hyde Park, NY

Shipping Place & More: Affordable computer rental and fast Internet access

Need a computer for a project or correspondence, but don't have one? Need to connect online to the Internet for research and email, but don't have access?  Shipping Place & More makes life easy and takes the hassle out of staying connected by providing convenient, fast computer rental and Internet connections in Hyde Park, NY. Come by our store when you need to write a document, or print out a rental agreement, or whatever you need to do. With our convenient location and additional services, it makes sense to rent a high performance computer and use our Internet when the need arises.

When technology is critical

computer rental

Even if you're not technology-savvy and don't have a need for computers, laptops, or equipment, such as printers, inevitably you will likely need to go online yourself at some point. Come in to rent our equipment for tasks of all kinds, including the following:

  • Read and send email
  • Write and edit documents
  • Update your resume
  • Design marketing materials
  • Create flyers
  • Create business cards
  • Write new agreements for personal business
  • Check stock prices
  • Write a company about a problem with merchandise or service
  • Complete your income tax forms
  • Access Internet news for current events
  • Shop online and purchase merchandise for delivery
  • Check social media
  • Conduct research for personal or business matters


Technical support for your documents

In addition to computer rentals at Shipping Place & More, we also provide full-service document printing and copying services. When you rent a computer in our store, we can print out your documents in black and white or color on a variety of paper stock and then collate, fold, staple, bind, laminate, or however you would like your document finished.

Who might need computer rentals?

computer internet access

We encounter all kinds of cases where someone needs to use a computer for a limited time. There's no one kind of customer, but a wide selection of people seeking computer rental and Internet solutions. Here are a few of the situations that we see regularly:

  • Short-term computer rentals while a person's own computer is getting repaired
  • Business people away from their home computers and needing to reach clients
  • Travelers with telecommuting needs on the road


Shipping Place & More: Computer rental and Internet access

If you have a laptop computer but are away from your home and need high speed Internet, bring in your own MacBook Pro laptop, MacBook Air, or whatever your type of laptops and enjoy our fast free Internet services. If you don't have your own computer, come to the store to rent a computer with a fast Intel core processor and access to printing equipment.

Our team members pay attention to your computer rental needs and focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are happy to be your office away from your actual office! Call us with questions about our computers and equipment at  845-483-7447  or drop by our company. To reach us online, click on the button below to send us a message.

Have A Question About Computer & Internet Rental?

For additional information on computer rental and Internet rental in Hyde Park, NY, call 845-483-7447 . Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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